The administrators of Data Darbar had been receiving threats for months. So the concerned authority took the immediate action of fixing 50 CCTV cameras here. 100 new security guards were posted and gates with pre-installed metal-detectors were also set up. The security checking was at high alert at the time it all happened and I for one think the improved security measures should have reduced the chance of bomb explosions. The number of threats should have declined and so should have the feasibility of occurrence of any misfortune. In the event, one has to conclude with the observation, a catastrophe did take place on Thursday in which 45-50 people were killed and hundreds of others got injured. The Rs. 500,000 being given to the families of those killed is, of course, no compensation for their loss nor is the Rs 75000 given to the injured bring any comfort. But how can any amount compensate losses these people have suffered? The two suicide bombers have been recognized through the CCTV camera footage. Would a vague glimpse of faces with blurry features help investigation, prevent such accidents in future? One also gets very disturbed at the thought that what use are these so numerous guards and cameras if they cannot help save a mishap like this from happening? Who let the suicide bombers in despite all this security is the natural question? Was there nobody to monitor the cameras? Would it be correct to say that there might be some black sheep in the administration? The ordinary public has been suffering terrorism for many years now and would probably move on with their difficult lives having shed bitter tears for their lost loved ones. But the concerned authorities need to delve deeper on this failure of security arrangements. -SIDRA AIMAN, Karachi, July 3.