LAHORE-A spokesperson of Governors House has condemned the allegation by Mufti Moneeb-ur-Rehman in his press conference on Sunday that general secretary of a banned organization was present in the helicopter with Governor Punjab Salmaan Taseer during by-election campaign. Mufti Moneeb-ur-Rehman is totally unaware of the fact that Governor always counter these organizations and never let any member of such organizations to sit with him in his helicopter, and one could check the record, the spokesman said, adding the governor was truly opponent of these forbid organizations. Mufti Moneeb-ur-Rehman even does not know that who is fighting against these banned organizations and Governor Punjab is receiving serious threats from them, he further said. . The spokesman said that it should be remembered that pungent remarks had been passed against banned organizations by Governor Punjab, due to which he was facing severe threats of horrible nature. His comments about banned organizations are crystal clear and known by all, he said, and added that Mufti Muneebur-Rehman should have passed this comment in the light of facts.