Of late, I have had the chance to attend several marriages, some of relatives, others of friends. To my complete dismay, I learnt within a few months that most of those marriages broke down. Some couples separated without divorce and some had divorces. There were some cases where marriages ended within a week. In my opinion two vices, greed and ego, have no remedy. Only the person afflicted can help herself or himself. Everything else is reconcilable. Greed probably causes more divorces because those suffering from it become so self-centred that they are not willing to give their love to their life partner, even as they are getting the benefit in exchange. Whatever happened to giving? Prenuptial arrangements are hardly conducive for longevity of a relationship, for they aim right from the beginning at protecting one'self in the event of a presumed collapse. Most relationships these days are a business affair. What we need to do is to educate couples on giving and commitment. This is the only thing that would ensure longer, happier marriages and blessed homes. -REHBER KHUSHNOOD, Islamabad, July 4.