ISLAMABAD Taking advantage of the disturbance in the tribal areas, the drug barons have established heroin factories in Pakistani territory while the raw material for these factories is being supplied from Afghanistan. It has been transpired from the background interviews with the people from tribal areas and input given by some highly placed sources in Anti-Narcotics Force(ANF) that a number of heroin producing factories have been established in the tribal areas on Pak-Afghan border and the drug barons are operating in a very systematic fashion, producing drugs and shipping them to the foreign destinations using various sea and land routes. Sharing information about the activities of these drug barons and those working from them, sources in the tribal areas informed that Euro currency was in abundance in the tribal areas and in some parts the local people were also fund trading in the foreign currency. It was further observed that those people were taking advantage of the permanent disturbance on both sides of Pak-Afghan borders and fast-dwindling influence of the local elders and Political Agents in those areas. The sources in ANF also confirmed reports about that illegal activity in the Pakistani territory and smuggling of poppy yield from Afghanistan to these parts of the tribal areas. The sources further said that the heroin-producing factories were established in the parts of tribal areas, which were not in the easy access of the law enforcement agencies due to its extremely difficult terrain. The sources in the Tribal Areas revealed that in certain cases, the influential people of the area were also involved in that dirty game as the business was involving huge money and that too in the foreign currency. According to the statistics made available by ANF and certain other world organisations fighting against the menace of drugs for the past few years, Afghanistan had registered record increase in the poppy cultivation, a basic ingredient used in the preparation of heroin. The sources in Tribal Areas added that in Afghanistan the drug barons were having the patronage of the incumbent Afghan Government so the shipment of poppy from Afghanistan into Pakistani territory was not a difficult job. The sources feared that if that menace was not controlled then it would create very serious problems for Pakistan as the main market of the heroin produced by those factories was Pakistan and from here attempts of its smuggling would be made to foreign destinations.