ISLAMABAD Why to blame India when our government itself is not clear about the rights of the country as some of our leaders demand of India to install telemetry system for water measurement that cannot benefit the country but would only cause loss to our water share? Telemetry system is an equipment that is used to measure water flow and its quantity. As per the Indus Water Treaty, India cannot build dams at the cost of Pakistans waters but in stark violation of the treaty, it is doing so and nobody is there to stop it. On the other hand, Pakistani high-ups have given a nod that India should install telemetry system on the Indus that is tantamount to surr-endering the countrys rights, an official of Ministry of Water and Power said. Many water experts are surprised at such a naive demand by Jamat Ali Shah that he made a few weeks back. On the contrary, India doesnt even have the right to install gates in its dams rather it can only build run of the river dams. Water flow in the river is different in different times and there are so many channels water comes from in the dams or rivers so putting the system on dams is of no use at all because it cannot be installed on all channels. What the govt should be concerned about is the design of the dam that it is overlooking, an official said. There is no water in our rivers but whenever Shah is asked whether or not India is stealing our water, he replies that there is no theft being conducted by India, said Ibrahim Mughal President Agri Forum Pak-istan. He said it must be clear whether Shah is with us or with India. Where is all the water going if no theft is being committed, Mughal asked. There is another side of the story that all the provinces are fighting for water share and in order to resolve the issue telemetry system is required but here again the govt is silent and IRSA claims that the system is not functioning properly. When the govt cannot measure the water distribution within the country by telemetry system how can it be possible for it to install it in the Indian Occupied Kashmir and how it can be considered reliable, Mughal asked.