LAHORE The provincial metropolis remained in the grip of gloom and sadness on the third day of mourning to express resentment and sorrow over the attack at Data Darbar that claimed dozens of innocent lives on Thursday last. The Sunday lost its usual fervor and environment of recreation and joy. Instead the Lahoreites continued to express their anger and resentment against the terrorist attacks on the shrine. Thousands of protesters from various walks of life condemned the attacks at the sub continents holiest shrine and people did not prefer to come out of their homes enven Sunday Bazaars and city parks were seen silent. Lahore, which is known as the city of jovial and jaunty, on Sunday looked gloom and frenzied because of the sad incident of Thursdays terror attack. Besides Lahore different parts of the country witnessed protests and rallies by religious, political, social and trade circles. The major protest demonstrations were held at Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Data Darbar, Lahore Press Club, Minar-e-Pakistan etc. The demonstrators demanded of the government to identify and punish the culprits. The Sunni organizations have given call for holding rallies and prolong protests until the culprits are punished. It has also called convention of Ulema and Mashaikh on July 8 to chalk out their future course of action. A bird eye view of the protest demonstration showed that these reflected anger against the manipulator of the incident. They were bitter and harsh and were using strongest possible words to shout slogans and condemn the incident. They also showed the resentment against the governments failure for protecting the holy places and lives of the people. The protesters blamed the Punjab Government by saying that some ministers of the PML-N-led government have soft feelings for the banned outfits that were involved in terrorist acts across the country. Convener Sunni Tehrik Punjab Mohammad Shadaab Raza said two major political parties were badly failed in establishing peace in the country. He said both the parties were trying to politicize the deadliest incident, which reflected their priorities. He demanded of the government to take strict action against the accused ministers who were backing the terrorists, as they were the real responsible for the menace of terrorism. Condemning the incident, Ameer Tabligh-e-Islami Mohammad Ibrahim said that all the Muslims were mourning the twin attacks. He demanded of the government to unveil the hidden offenders and also make foolproof security measures at the holy shrines all over the country. In an urgent meeting, Jamia Razwia Trust demanded of to thrash out the so-called Jihadi organizations at once and he also pledged to render any sacrifice for saving the shrines. Addressing a convention of Ulema and Mashaikh at Darbar Mian Mir, President Tehrik-e-Faizan Oulya Deewan Azmat said the incident of Data Darbar was attack on their believes and ideology. He said Sufism was ideology of peace and love. The convention demanded of the government to operate the Madaris, which were the nurseries of the terrorist. The participants also warned that they would launch a countrywide protest movement if the government further used delaying tactics to reveal the real culprits. In this regard, Anjuman Talba Islam (ATI) staged protest demonstrations at Shahdara, Darogh-e-Wala, Shadbagh, Gulberg and Ghaziabad. They chanted slogans against the government and warned for the circumstances if the responsible of the incident were not punished. In a statement, secretary general Ibtadai Rosooli Kalisia Paster Murqas said that every religion condemns terrorism and all the Christians were with the Muslim brethren. Bazam-e-Lasani Pakistan, Auqaf Head Office Employees Union, PPP Minorities Wing and others political and religious organizations also condemned the ugly incident.