LAHORE - In yet another political development about the newly-formed alliance of three factions of Muslim League, veteran Leaguer, Mian Muhammad Azhar is stated to have expressed his willingness to support the coalition of Leaguers. On July 1, chiefs of PML-Q (like-minded), PML (functional) and PML (Zia) met at the residence of the PML (functional) Punjab president Makhdoom Ahmed Mehmood and formed a new political alliance. While on Sunday, the former governor Punjab, Mian Muhammad Azhar met with like-minded leader, Mian Asif at party office and announced his full support for the three-party coalition. According to Mian Asif when Mian Azhar met him at party office he invited him to join the alliance on which Azhar, told him that he along with his supporters would soon announce his decision to join the ranks of the coalition. Meanwhile, a member of the alliances core committee, seeking anonymity, told this scribe that several sidelined bigwigs from other factions of Muslim League were in contact with the leadership of coalition of Leaguers. Important meetings were expected in this regard within next few days. He claimed that many 'eyebrows would be raised on the announcement of the stated political heavyweights about joining the folds of the new alliance. Alliances core committee member, revealing the primary targets of the alliance stated that as a first step, they would like to gather the like-minded factions and leaders of Muslim League at the platform of the new coalition. And ultimately there would be unified League which would counter the forces indifferent to Pakistan ideology. The new alliance would meet at the residence of Khur-sheed Mehmood Kas-uri, PML-Q (like-min-ded) lead-er to discuss the outcome of contacts with the leaders of other factions of the Muslim League and decide the future strategy. However, a date for Leaguers coalition meeting would be decided in few days. It is to be mentioned here, that son of Pir of Pagaro and President PML (functional), Pir Sadruddin Rashdi, Chief of PML-Q (like-minded), Ch Hamid Nasir Chattha and President PML (Zia), Ijaz-ul-Haq had decided to form such an alliance on July 1 at the residence of Makhdoom Ahmed Mehmood. Khursheed Mehmood Kasuri, Jehangir Khan Tareen, Makhdoom Ahmed Mehmood and Dr Asma Mamdot attended the meeting. Members of the alliances core committee include Khursheed Mehmood Kasuri, Ijaz-ul-Haq and Jehangir Khan Tareen.