LAHORE - Member Federal Council PPP and former MPA Dr Zia Ullah Khan Bangash has said all the cabinet members of Punjab having links with banned religious outfits should be dismissed from their offices. In a statement issued on Sunday, the PPP leader from Lahore said that this allegation had been proved now that Punjab government had soft corner for Taliban and Punjab, once known as the land of Sufis and peace loving people, was the worst target of militancy. He further stated that those who had targeted the holy shrine of Hazrat Ali Hajveri deserved no mercy and Punjab government should take practical measures to curb militancy by first dismissing its law minister. Bangash further said the nation once again needed the passion it showed in the 1965 war when it withstood a huge invasion and defended the homeland. Similarly, the nation should once again get united against militancy but it could only be possible if the terrorists were defeated in the largest province of federation on the similar grounds they were defeated in other areas of the country.