LAHORE - The matter of theft of five Urial deer from Loibeer Wildlife Park, which occurred on night of June 19th has been interrogated by the Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department. The action against the responsible lower-rank on-duty officials would be taken only and the officer concerned may be kept away from the departmental action, sources privy to the inquiry committee revealed to The Nation. The sources confided to The Nation that action against the theft of fiver Urial deer was started when a news item published in The Nation on June 24, 2010. They said that the inquiry officer had reported to the high-ups that the theft occurred due to the intended security lapses and in connivance with the local staffers of the Park. Some officers of the Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department claimed that findings of the inquiry committee had been forwarded to the high-ups and different corners were forcing them not to take action against the officer concerned whose loose control or other alleged malicious intension caused the theft of Urial deer. The sources had reported to The Nation that Urial deer were stolen on Monday night, (June 19), and the officer concerned at that time also tried to hush up the matter from the high-ups but after some two days the matter of theft was brought in the notice of Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department director general Dr Nasrullah Khan by some other staffers. The DG ordered the departmental inquiry, which has submitted its findings to the high-ups, as sources privy to the Department said that a serious action could be taken not only against the lower-rank on-duty staffers but also against the officer concerned in accordance with the findings of the inquiry committee. Director General Dr Nasrullah had already said that money (cost) against the three deer would be recovered from the responsible staffers, saying only three deer were stolen. Sources further claimed that the Department should enhance its security arrangements at the Wildlife Parks of Punjab because the gang of thieves from the districts of Bahawalpur, Multan and Sheikhupura could steal further animals, alleging that the gang of thieves of district Bahawalpur could be involved in the theft of the deer from Loibeer Park in connivance with the local officials of the Park. When contacted DG Dr Nasrullah to his views and expected action from his office against the responsible officer and on-duty low-rank officials, he said that serious action would be taken against the officer concerned and other staffers according to the findings of the inquiry.