ISLAMABAD President Asif Ali Zardari would seek, inter alia, budgetary support from China as he embarks on a six-day official visit to the friendly country. Besides budgetary support, the President would also seek furtherance in bilateral cooperation especially in the energy sector including nuclear power in the wake of prevalent electricity crisis in the country, officials requesting anonymity told TheNation. According to the officials, it was part of the Presidents routine practice to visit China at least twice, if not thrice, a year. They termed the question about a new civilian nuclear deal between Pakistan and China as nanve saying, bilateral civilian nuclear cooperation is an ongoing programme between the two. Pakistan should focus on already available Chinese assistance in its civilian nuclear programme rather than looking up to the US or any other supplier country for that. Earlier, Presidential spokesman Farhatuallah Babar stated that the entourage of the President including Ministers and relevant senior government officials would leave tonight but the official visit would start from tomorrow (Tuesday). President Zardari is scheduled to hold talks with top Chinese leadership including his counterpart Hu Jintao and Prime Minister Wen Jiabao and touch base with provincial political leaders and leaders of corporate sector. According to the spokesman, the forthcoming visit will be the fifth undertaken by the President since he became the President demonstrating the importance Pakistan attaches to further bolster strategic ties with China through enhanced people to people contacts. During the six-day visit the President will also address the Pakistan-China Economic Cooperation Forum and hold discussion with corporate leaders of energy, construction, mining, petroleum, engineering, shipping, finance and banking sectors and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industries. The President will also visit the pavilions of Pakistan and China at Shanghai Expo showcasing economic and industrial progress of the two countries- described by the President as a 'demonstration of the soft power of China, the spokesperson said. A separate meeting with corporate leaders of energy sector has also been lined up to further push Pakistans quest for alternate energy particularly wind and solar energy to meet its growing power demands. The Presidents visit aims at boosting the multi dimensional ties with particular emphasis on reviewing progress in the scores of new developmental initiatives undertaken during the last two years as well as inviting Chinese entrepreneurs to bolster further their investment in Pakistan. Just yesterday China demonstrated yet again strong support by categorical reiteration that it will go ahead with installation of two new nuclear reactors in Pakistan as the agreement 'goes along well with the international non proliferation obligations of China and Pakistan, the spokesperson said. The new economic initiatives that have been launched recently include building hydro dams, transfer of hybrid technology, expanding banking operations, roads and communication networks, cooperation in agriculture focusing on optimum utilisation of irrigation water and development of new high yielding varieties of wheat and cotton, the proposed Thar Coal project and dredging of Tarbela reservoir.