LAHORE - Prof Dr Tahirul Qadri has said that Parliament responsible for the mess in the country as media is doing the agenda setting which is otherwise the role of parliament. He demanded establishment of commission against terrorism under the leadership of Chief Justice of Pakistan. Delivering his key-note address on telephone from London at the concluding session of Majlis-e-Shoora of Minhajul Quran International, he said that media should raise voice against the present system which was protecting corruption. He regretted that there was no shortage of fake religious scholars who justify the actions of terrorists at the behest of the rulers for their vested interest. The media should also expose those who are harboring terrorists and extremists. Dr Qadri said that the parliament should go in a special session at least for two weeks exclusively to enact laws for effective check on terrorism. Patrons of terrorists are present in the parliament and media should hold them accountable and the sources of their supply of arms should be unearthed, he added. He criticised the role of parliamentarians saying that MNAs and MPAs know everything about terrorists in their constituencies but they were keeping criminals silence. He blasted the inaction of the parliament and said that the country was being turned into Somalia, Ethiopia and Afghanistan. The politicians have neglected the national interest for the sake of their petty interests. The menace of terrorism has ruined markets, public places and even mosques, shrines are not safe, he further added.