LAHORE Those who are at the helm of affairs in the Centre and at the provinces are American slaves, and no conference would serve the national interests or the nation if they continue to tow the line set by the US, said Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan. Talking to media men during his visit to Data Darbar on Sunday, he said it was crucial to identify and recognise the terrorists as well as the American slaves first, and then take action against terrorists who resorted to barbarism at Data Darbar. He stressed the need for holding dialogue with Taliban, saying the US was also working on the same lines. Imran said I can resolve the issue of terrorism within 90 days if I am given a chance to become the prime minister of Pakistan. Responding to a question, the PTI chairman said there were no terrorists and suicide attacks before 2004. He deplored the fact that the countrys enemies were benefiting from the current wave of terror. He said the ongoing terrorism could not be eliminated through the use of force as the Army had remained unable to achieve the goal despite the ongoing efforts for the last six years. Imran warned that the conspiracy was 'on to ignite sectarian violence in the country, as other countries, like India, were aiming at destabilising Pakistan. He accused the Punjab government of failing to deliver, asserting that the latest terror hit was an ample proof of the state of affairs. He said the country was moving towards bankruptcy as terrorism had damaged the national economy badly. He also opined that no Muslim could be involved in attacking the sacred place like Data Darbar. Imran questioned whether the law-enforcement agencies were working for the 'royal family only or rendering service to the masses for protecting their lives and property, adding that the royal families were enjoying a luxurious life, which was very much evident from the bullet-proof vehicles and foolproof security provided to them. Imran said he had opposed Musharrafs move to become a part of the war against terrorism, adding that Musharraf had triggered the menace (war against terrorism), as a result of which Pakistan was suffering at the hands of rising terrorism. Imran said the rulers had failed miserably in controlling the increase in crime, which had jumped by 33 per cent during the present govts tenure. Later, he visited Mayo Hospital to inquire after the health of the injured. PTI Lahore Division President Mian Mehmood-ul-Rasheed, Malik Zaheer Abbas Khokhar, Murad, Aqeel Ahmad, Yasser Gilani, Sohail Asif Iqbal, Yasser Ayub, Rana Akhtar Hussain, Hafiz Farhat, Ishtiaq Malik, Hassan Niazi and other PTI workers accompanied Imran Khan.