KARACHI - A large number of Jiyalas of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) in Lyari have made a stand against their own elected party local leadership and has urged the party high command not to award tickets to these representatives in the future or else they will withdraw their support. According to information available here, the party cadres were disappointed with their elected party leaders in Lyari and decided to start a campaign against them. The angry PPP workers claimed that during the recent gang-war in Lyari, when the residents were forced to leave their houses due to a week-long gun battle, the elected representatives did not bother to come to their help due to which the residents of the areas had to suffer a lot during the days of the gun battle that raged between two groups of the area. The PPP high commands have to consider their demand against the elected representatives because the workers do not want any other party to enter the old areas where historically the PPP has always dominated, said PPP workers. In different parts of Lyari, a number of banners were displayed and wall chalking made in which the slogans were written against PPP MNA Nabeel Gabol, who was elected from NA 248. It may be mentioned here that the NA-248 has been the traditional seat in the city where the PPP has always won, defeating rival party candidates. However, the PPP may face a setback. Dents have already appeared in the PPP vote bank in the 1997 elections when the PPP candidates won the seat with a margin of just 300 votes against a PML-N candidate. The same situation or worst would be seen if the PPP high command fails to consider replacing its candidates from Lyari. Meanwhile, some angry PPP workers have also urged their party to conduct referendum in Lyari against their MNA and if the majority of PPP voters give their decision against him, he should be disqualified and made to resign from his seat. Some political pundits have also predicted that the PPP would face tough time in the future elections. It would not be easy to win the Lyari seats like in the past if the same candidates were given tickets. The disheartened PPP workers said that despite repeated assurances by the PPP leaders, the workers were not provided with jobs and neither their longst-anding problems solved. They said that they were being ignored by the local party leadership. It has been reported that the Lyari based PPP groups have also warned the party leadership from time to time in the past that if their demands were not accepted or considered ,the party may lose badly in the coming elections. It has been witnessed in the recent past, that the PPP workers had forced their party leaders to withdraw or change their decisions, whether it was the matter to give ticket for the local body election, or it was the matter of appointment of administrator in Lyari, or any other matter. Political workers of the party have said that it would not be surprising if the PPP workers of the areas take a different and independent stand against the party directive. This has happened before they said and recalled that similar confrontation occurred in 2005 local body election when a group namely PPP workers action committee was formed and which put up its own candidates for Lyari town. Mohammad Fayyaz was put up as a candidate for Nazim against the PPP official candidate Malik Mohammad Khan. Fayyaz defeated the PPP candidate that was the first defeat of PPP in its own stronghold. Secondly, in the last general body election when PPP gave ticket to Sardar Nabeel Gabol, a group of PPP workers opposed the decision and brought their own candidate Shakoor Shad against Gabol.