ISLAMABAD (APP) - A couple and their eight-year old daughter were killed by their own servant, with the connivance of his accomplices here at sector F-10/1 on Sunday, a police spokesman said. He said that Aneela Qamar, her husband Khalid Ansari and their eight-year old daughter Fatima were strangulated to death by their own servant Iqbal, a resident of Faisalabad along with his other accomplices at Hosuse No 67-A, Street No-25, Sector F-10/1. After killing them, they put their bodies in the Corolla car (LV-972) and moved towards a nullah in Tarnol area. They dumped their bodies there and then drove in the Westridge area where the local people suspected them as they were changing the number plates of the car. They managed to overpower two persons while one Iqbal amongst them managed to escape. Police officials from Tarnol Police Islamabad and Westridge Police Rawalpindi reached there and arrested them. The accomplices of fleeing servant of the deceased were identified as Rashid Qureshi s/o Ghulam Jilani and Malik Jawad s/o Muhammad Arif residents of Sihan Rawalpindi. The police have also impounded the vehicle, recovered the looted items and investigating from the nabbed killers.