MULTAN (Agencies) Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Syed Hamid Saeed Kazmi has said there is need to create more awareness among the masses about nefarious designs of the terrorists. While addressing a Press conference on Sunday, Federal Minister Kazmi said there was a time when some people were unwilling to strongly condemn actions of the terrorists and justified their activities terming it a reaction to government policies, drone attacks and inequalities. Now, people have changed their opinion as the terrorists are directly targeting innocent Muslims, Kazmi added. Kazmi said a majority of ulema did not favour suicide attacks but some of them were reluctant to condemn them unconditionally. He said some families in southern Punjab sent their children to seminaries where they were brainwashed and indoctrinated. These children are then used for acts like these, Kazmi said. He further said that suicide bombings were fundamentally suicides and the bombers will go to hell for their acts and for trying to spread anarchy in the country. He said it was not correct to criticise security arrangements, adding that it was a difficult task to stop suicide attacks. He said the terrorists had attacked law enforcers to dent their morale and create an impression that security personnel were unable to protect themselves and how could they protect the masses. He said attacks on Data Darbar was a conspiracy to fan sectarianism. He appealed to the people to demonstrate in a peaceful manner. He feared that sectarian clashes would cause more destruction and could distract governments attention from Waziristan. About Taliban presence in south Punjab, he said there were no training camps of terrorists in the region. To a query, he said there could be a foreign hand involved in the terrorism, lamenting that our people were being used by our enemies. He said the government was committed to wiping out terrorism from the country and it had complete support of the masses. On dialogue with Taliban, he said the government was ready to give a safe exit to extremists who were ready to surrender, adding that dialogue at gunpoint was impossible.