This Tuesday, I traveled from Karachi to Lahore on a PIA flight (Pk-306) that flew off at about 7 p.m. On boarding the plane, I was greeted with intense heat and saw the passengers sweating profusely in extreme discomfort. As I made my way to my seat, I asked the airhostess why the air-conditioning was not working. She said that this was an old plane (a 747 jumbo) and its internal a/c unit was not working properly and the outside unit attached to the plane was also defective. There were hundreds of passengers in this plane and it took more than 45 minutes for us all to board. But we had to bear the painful experience of sitting in a plane without any ventilation. I did lodge a complaint (no. is 0110-2782) but I tell you with the mindset of those at the helm of the national airline, I have no hope of seeing any improvement the next time I board. -AMER AZAM, Lahore, July 1.