STAFF REPORTER ISLAMABAD - All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) on Monday while putting charter of demands alleged that inept decision of the incumbent government is a conspiracy against multimillions public investment in the sector. All Pakistan CNG Associations emergency meeting comprising of All the Zonal, Regional and Divisional Presidents all over Pakistan and CNG station owners was held here to make decision against the proposed gas price hike and gas loadshedding for CNG sector. The meeting passed a unanimous resolution against gas loadshedding and price increase. In a statement APCNGA said that during this meeting the Petroleum Minister Dr. Asim called the association for talks and agreed to keep CNG rates 40per cent less than Petrol prices and also agreed to call a reconsideration meeting to carry work out for the allocation of gas to CNG sector on priority basis will be called on 10 July. Petroleum Minister specially directed Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) and Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) to call meetings on Tuesday. Dr Asim announced that the 125-mmcfd gas from Kunna Pasakahi gas fields will be given to CNG, fertilizer and industry. APCNGA was of the view that closure of a sector, which was using only 7.2 per cent gas is only to end cheap transport facilities for poor masses and government is responsible for the unemployment of five lakhs poor people that ultimately led to bad economic on the lives of four million people of Pakistan. The association demanded of the government to end gas loadshedding before 15th July and also suspend those officials who made this conspiracy against the nation only to favour ten blue-eyed influential. APCNGA further demanded of the government to end subsidy to all sectors which were getting gas on subsidized rates.