ISLAMABAD - As it was predicted by this correspondent in the earlier column about Pakistan Hockey team's below par and not more than average performance against the minnows like Ireland and China and they even lost to team like France in the four nation series in Ireland nothing was done and the result was not a hard one to judge as green shirts finish last in the four-nation Rabo Cup in Holland. Pakistan were beaten by Germany and they were thrashed by the host nation Holland by 4-0. The only draw which they earn was against the English side. If the team continues to give results like this against Holland and Germany and they even can't beat England then God knows how will they manage to beat sides like Australia, Korea, Spain and even the arch-rivals India in future. Despite spending Rs two million every month on Dutch coach not a single satisfactory result is being achieved through this coach with the exception of Asian Cup victory after a gap of 20 years, which to some extent was purely achieved through some excellent performances by the players and not much through coaching skills. These kinds of results can easily be achieved through hiring local coach then why Pakistan Hockey Federation is spending huge sum on foreign coach? This gentleman doesn't even bother to come to Pakistan and he always tries to hold camps abroad which resulted in huge loss of national wealth as well nothing practical gain through these camps. The PHF must use common sense and rather than wasting precious money on this not more than average coach must hire a local highly qualified coach as there is no shortage of world class coaches in the country and it will serve both purposes as the local coach knows the conditions and there will be no language barrier too as the biggest problem which the players face is communication as the foreign coaches can't explain what they really want from players and because of language problem players fail to respond. The Hockey World Cup is not far and team needs to bounce back in style and this can only be possible through getting rid from this coach who has destroyed the team and players. Hockey is the national game of Pakistan but it is being treated like step mother rather than investing on players well-being and try to improve their living standard by giving them maximum facilities the PHF is busy in obliging foreign coach just to get foreign tours for them and their families during summer vocations. There is an urgent need of hiring local coach and sacking this current coach without any further delay as the team has already suffered a lot through the hands of this coach. If the PHF President continues with this coach then it will be cleared the PHF doesn't want to improve the already demoralised team and the standard of hockey they just want to get cheap publicity of taking the credit of providing the services of foreign coach to the team, which in reality is no service to nor the team neither the country. Pakistan hockey is in shambles and an urgent and drastic step is need of the hour if the management really want to get better results in the World Cup and other international events then they have to act now as they have already wasted too much precious time on making a decision. Any further delay in appointment of a foreign coach means further miseries for the millions of hockey lovers of the country. Now the ball is in the PHF court whether they want their own interests to look after or common sense finally prevails and their ever closed eyes are finally opened after that dismal performance in four-nation cup.