Rupert Grint has said that the attention he gets from the public because of his part in the Harry Potter films is manageable but constant. The actor has played Ron Weasley in all the movie adaptations of JK Rowlings novels from the first, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, in 2000. Grint told The Observer: You can spot it from 50 feet away, someone recognising you. And then you watch it build. I do miss it, sometimes, the invisibility. Being able to get round Tesco. Not meet anyone who wants to take a picture with you. Its manageable but its just, like, constant. Of being called 'Ron, he admitted: I answer to it. I turn around to it in the street. Potter producer David Heyman added of Grint: Rupert wears his fame lightly, and is very laid-back. Its not like Id say hes warm, exactly. Hes just a good, decent person. Not unctuous. Not obsequious. IMDB