MARDAN - Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) former vice president Makhdoom Javed Hashmi has said that he and Saranjam Khan have been friends since the time when the PML-N was faced with crises adding that the latter rendered great sacrifices for the party. He expressed these views while addressing PML-N workers convention at the residence of Saranjam Khan. Hundreds of party workers attended the meeting. Javed Hashmi said when Pervez Musharraf took over putting Nawaz Sharif behind the bars followed by exile, Saranjam Khan was Secretary General PML-N that time adding that he fought against the detector and tolerated all types of pressures and saved the PML-N. If Saranjam Khan did not save PML-N, it would have been finished, he added. He said owing to the sacrifices of Saranjam Khan and his friends, the PML (N) existed at present. We should shun the politics of resignation. We will fight against all types of undemocratic acts done in the party. If we leave the party then how could we fight against undemocratic acts, he stressed. He said Nawaz Sharif was the only leader who could steer the country out of the prevailing crises. He however observed that the people around him gave him wrong suggestions, as they wanted to take him away from sincere workers. We dont know that how long is our life but we must spend it with great courage and spirit, he added. He said that our first relation is with Pakistan and we should fight the war of Pakistan and for this purpose it is need of time that we should be united. He asked the PML-N unhappy workers that they shouldnt resign from the party and fight war against all types of undemocratic works in the party. I will fight war for the rights of party worker till last he added. He further said that he cannot tolerate army and civilian dictator then how can he tolerate dictatorship in party. He further said that Muslim League is not the party of a person but it is the party of all the leagues workers and should run this party through political and democratic way and will face all type of crises. Addressing the gathering, Saranjam Khan, who had resigned from the basic membership of the party few days back due to his differences with the PML-N Chief Mian Nawaz Sharif on organisational maters of Mardan district, said that on March 23, 2012 his 50 years with Muslim League would be completed and he would have been celebrating silver jubilee adding that few days ago Nawaz Sharif told him the he would make a golden crown for him to be awarded on the said day. He added that however Nawaz Sharif himself destroyed his dream. I dont need such crowns. I need the crown that the Muslim Leagues sincere and poor workers should award me, he added. He said the workers of Mardan were his power and he presented himself for accountability to them. I did not earn anything in league, nor made any property rather Allah gave me fame, wealth and property, he said adding that, I fought against dictator like Ayuab Khan, Ziaul Haq and Musharraf then how can I tolerate a political dictator, he added. He said that some people made laws and themselves destroyed them. Some people have made law that a person who hasnt spent more than 10 years in PML-N, no office will be given to him, he said adding that now those people themselves violated this law and selected such people for the Mardan district offices who recently joined the party. I cant bow my head to any one except Allah and I cannot compromise on my principles. He asked the gathering that if his decision to resign was correct, on which all the participants answered in one vice that it was correct. All of them raised their hands in favor of his resignation and told him that, we will fully support him. Jahanzeb Khattak, Muhammad Arshid Khan, Khushnuma Qadir, Haji Nawab Khan, Sohail Anjum addressed the meeting. Former provincial minister Abdus Subhan Khan while speaking to the meeting said that Pir Sabar Shah remained partys present for 18 years but no differences were found in the party and since the time he was removed from the party presidency, several types of differences erupted all over the districts of the province. He said that, we dont do politics of reconciliation, nor have spent our lives on reconciliation. We remain Muslim Leaguy from the past and spent 22 years with Nawaz Sharif and in difficult times I, Saranjam Khan, Javeed Hashmi and other leaders supported Nawaz Sharif. He added that, We and our sincere workers rendered numerous sacrifices for PML-N in difficult times but now we are ignored, he added.