ISLAMABAD - Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan, has strongly condemned the inhuman and barbaric firing of local police in Mianwali that resulted in the reported death of two people including a PTI worker Khadim Hussain while scores of others got injuries. In a statement Imran Khan demanded that adequate compensatory amounts should be paid immediately to the families of those killed and those who had incurred injuries. He said that the people were protesting against the prolonged outages of electricity in Mianwali, which the corrupt and inefficient government had failed to resolve. Firing on unarmed and innocent people raising their voice for their rights is the most heinous manner for the government machinery to respond. On one hand, the govt had failed miserably to address the growing problems of the suffering people of the country and did not have any plans to bring relief to them and, on the other hand, they were resorting to barbaric use of the state machinery to subdue them. He demanded the corrupt government should resign forthwith as; otherwise, it would be washed away before the growing anger and anguish of the people of Pakistan. PTI leader Imran Kahn prayed for the salvation of the souls of those who had been killed and conveyed sympathy to the bereaved families. He also directed the local leadership of PTI to extend all possible help to the families of those who had been affected on account of the unprovoked firing of police and other government agencies.