Presently, Home Department of Sindh Govt in collaboration with World Health Organization (WHO) is celebrating: Decade of action for road safety 2011 2020 and they have launched an advertising campaign to print a year-wise lists of those motor cyclists along with their names and ages who lost their precious lives for not wearing hamlets road accidents. During the last three years, a total of 1348 motorcyclists were killed. (Yearly figures are; 473 in 2010, 434 in 2009 and 441 in 2008). This is useful information for creating awakening in public interest. While visiting US, Canada and European countries, I noticed that fastening seatbelts by persons sitting on front seats including drivers of cars is mandatory as such restrictions saves many valuable lives in case of accidents. I suggest the federal as well as all provincial governments to introduce law to use safety seat belts in cars mandatory as this would save precious lives in thousands every year throughout the country. MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL, Karachi, July 1.