ISLAMABAD - Co-Chairman PPP and President Asif Ali Zardari has said that July 5 is a Black Day in national calendar, adding that it was on this day that a dictator not only usurped political power through brute force but also destroyed the constitutional edifice and let loose a reign of terror and pushed the country to the abyss of militancy and sectarianism to perpetuate himself in power. In a message on the occasion, he said that the PPP and democratic forces had all along rejected the dismantling of the constitutional structure by the dictator in connivance with state institutions, he said. There is some consolation in the thought that on the black day this year the Constitution has been restored and the people and the Parliament have triumphed. On this day while we condemn and denounce dictatorship and tyranny in any form and manifestation I also wish to congratulate the Parliament and the people for having triumphed over the evil forces of dictatorship and its collaborators. History bears witness to the fact that while tin pot dictators of all hue have strut along the stage pretending to be the saviours they are eventually punished by the people and history with a vengeance. Let all those possessing dictatorial mindset and pretending to be saviours remember this lesson of history. Let them not forget that all power belongs to the people and the people alone. Today while the nation has banished dictatorship and struck off the dictators name from the Constitution it has yet to banish the dictators pernicious legacy of militancy, extremism and religious bigotry, he said adding, This calls for joining hands by all. Let us join hands and resolve today to banish forever the strategic partners of dictators namely the militants, extremists and religious zealots, the President said in his message. The PPP Co chairman also paid homage to the martyrs of democracy who fought heroically against dictator ship. Today the nation salutes all martyrs of democracy who endured untold sufferings during that black period of our national history so that the future generations may live in peace, honour and in freedom.