KARACHI - Existence of warlords in various areas of the port city is a threat to Karachi peace and it may create violence among various ethnic and religious organisations. Police have started the construction of cemented check posts in various sensitive areas and made a huge reshuffle in the police department to tackle violence threats. The rising incidents of violence among rival ethnic and religious groups and failure of political coalition suggest a worst law and order situation. Karachi is divided on various grounds including political, ethnic and sectarian lines which result in intermittent clashes. In the last few years, a number of no-go areas emerged in Karachi where heavily armed dominated groups affiliated with political and religious parties ban the entry of rival group members in their respective jurisdiction. The current year statistic revealed an intensive increase in violent incidents which claimed over 775 lives. The reunion of a faction of MQM Haqqiqi with MQM was the only positive sign in Karachis history while the flexibility of second Haqqiqi faction shows the complete end of internal conflicts in near future. Despite the reunion of citys dominant political parties various areas in the metropolis predict a devastating clash in near future. On ethnic grounds, Lyari has become the worst ever town of Karachi where killing, kidnapping, extortion and other illegal and criminal activities remain continued without any hindrance or fear of apprehension. The patronised Lyari mafia developed its roots in various other Baloch areas including PIB Colony, Gulbahar, Golimar, Shairshah, Malir, Pak Colony and some other small localities where same sort of gangsters operate under police shelter. Police usually decline to register FIRs against Lyari gangsters. The use of heavy weapons including rockets, grenades has become a routine matter for Lyari gangsters. The killing of MQM worker Abbas, a resident of PIB Colony, unveiled the prevailing situation of law and order. Abbas went out to meet some friend near City Courts where Lyari gangster abducted him and his body was found next day from Ghas Mandi area of Eidgha Police Station. The deceased was drilled and burnet before he was shot twice. Similarly number of people, mostly affiliated with Katchi Community, MQM and rival gangsters, have daily been abducted and their bodies have daily been found from adjoining areas of Lyari. On the other side, in ethnically disputed areas including surrounding areas of Orangi Town innocent passerby, commuters and residents are facing extremely crucial circumstances. Sohrab Goth, Quaidabad, Sultanabad, Baldai, Gulistan-e-Juhar and newly developed disputed area Old Subzi Mandi are the worst areas of the city. The abovementioned areas show a volatile situation where warlords present with heavy arms and ammunition have made the lives of citizens and businessmen miserable because of extortion. It is pertinent to mention here that nobody can even construct the house in these areas without paying extortion to the area lords. Meanwhile, New Karachi, Kharader, Shah Faisal, Korangi, Landhi and some other areas dominated by religious outfits also show a serious threats because of increase in the violence. The authorities concerned remain reluctant to declare the policy against the banded outfits which have been gaining strength for the last couple of years without any restriction.