LAHORE Almost every consumer of the 'most efficient Lahore Electric Supply Company except its own employees would have to visit the office of the concern XEN or SDO after two or three months for the correction of over-billing. Despite the fact the consumers have been charging extra units in order to balance the electricity theft and line losses in a division. The Lesco officials repeatedly say the over-billing is a human mistake, but interestingly this mistake always goes in the favour of the Company. One can also see the innocent consumers demanding relief from the SDO, XEN and meter reader at their offices for the correction of the bill, but they do not bother to solve the genuine problems of the consumers. Long queues of aged people, teenagers, women, and disables can be seen at every Lesco Division and Sub-division for the correction of the bills during the start of the month. An official of the Company seeking anonymity told this scriber that about 20 per cent of the consumers paid the extra bill because of the lack of awareness in this regard while the 20 per cent of them are the rich who preferred to pay extra bill rather than wasting their precious time by visiting the Lescos offices. The rest of them, the official added, visited complaint offices for the correction of bill and interestingly the amount which was decreased again sent to the consumer in the next bill as a balance amount. A consumer of the Islamia Park Sub-division told this scriber that he was sent bill of about 200 extra units for the month of May. He visited the Lesco office and got the bill corrected by matching the actual meter reading. But in the next month the same money was sent him as balance amount, he regretted. The official source said that they had been receiving countless complaints of over-billing every day. The Lesco managed millions of rupees by using the tactics of extra charging and lacked strict policy to redress the over-billing complaints.