Shakargarh - Asif Ali, son of Jahangir killed Mohammed Naeem alias Kala Butt with his pistol at Chowk Hakeeman here in Shakargarh. According to the police report, the other night at 10:30pm Asif injured Kala Butt and M Waseem. Mohammad Naeem could not survive and breathed his last on the spot. The reason behind the incident is to be old enmity. The Shakargarh Police registered a case and started investigation. Quran desecration: An unidentified person burnt sheets and Quranic verses at Darbar Baba Punj Pir here in Village Jappulota in the jurisdiction of Chak Amru Police. Meanwhile, Advocate Ch Rashid Mehmood, Ch Rifaqat Ali Dhiloon, Awais Maqsood, Qari M Asif, Imran Majeed, Imtiaz Ahmed, Rana Asif and other people of the locality protested against the desecration.