DASKA - PML-N MPA Yahiya Gul Nawaz has admitted that the Daska administration was misguided by some elements for declaring 60 ancient shops along Kutchery Road here as encroachments. The TMA has issued final notice to the traders and shopkeepers to evacuate their shops for demolishing, despite owners have all the legal documentary proves as they had been owning the said shops since 1940. The MPA pledged to support the affected traders and shopkeepers and assured them his full cooperation. He said that he would never allow the Daska TMA to demolish the said ancient shops, as they were the property of these traders having complete proves of ownership. The MPA admitted this while addressing a press conference in Daska along with the heads and representatives of the local main trade bodies. On this occasion, the traders and shopkeepers told the newsmen that their shops had been legal property since 1940, as they had all the property ownership rights with complete official records. On the occasion, Anjuman Tajraan President Abid Aziz Mughal said that the TMA Daska was cutting their throats by finalising a plan to demolish their property. He said that as many as 71-year-old maps of shops, nearby roads, streets, revenue record and ownership documents were an ample proof of their ownership of these shops. He said that the Daska TMA has declared their owned shops as encroachments. Traders rally: Hundreds of the Daska based traders and shopkeepers Sunday observed a complete shutter down strike against the Sialkot district administration in protest against district governments announcement to demolish another old market of Daska within next couple of days by declaring it as encroachments. They also staged a peaceful sit-in there. They were holding banners and placards. They chanted anti-government slogans in this regard. The affected shopkeepers Haji Saeed Butt, Tehseen Butt, Khawaja Fiaz, Khawaja Khalid, Sheikh Muhammad Akhtar, Raza Butt, Hassan Butt, Younas But, Yousaf Butt and Muhammad Luqman Butt said their shops, more than 60 in number.