LAHORE - National Commission for Inter-Faith Dialogue has strongly reacted to the governments decision to devolve newly established Ministry for Inter-faith Harmony to provincial level. In a joint statement leaders and members of different minorities demanded of the government to reconsider its decision and let the said ministry function at federal level. They said that minorities are already being treated as second rate citizens in the country and they have never been entrusted with any key post in any of the government department in the history of Pakistan. They said the presence of minorities minister at federal level is crucial to curb the injustices, prejudices and discriminations being faced by them. They asked the government either to retain the Ministry for Interfaith Harmony to its federal status or to revive ministry for Minorities Affairs at federal level in order to have their presence and voice felt at national level. The devolution of their ministry to provincial level would further press their voice and multiply their problems. Fr. Francis Nadeem, Yousaf Bijnouri, Nosherwan Dastoor, Bishon Singh and Dr. Manohar Chand represented Christian, Bhai, Parsi, Sikh and Hindu Communities respectively.