National Logistics Cell (NLC) was a brain child of GeneralsZia-ul-Haq and Saeed Qadir mainly to destroy Pakistan Railways (PR)by taking away its freight business. NLC not only succeeded in destroying the once profitable PR but also damaged the entire road network with its overloaded trucks for which the network was not designed. Then the road construction work was also given to them. Finally NLC became a rogue organization and the Public Accounts Committee(PAC) has recommended action against the Generals at the helm. NLC has outlived its utility and should either be disbanded or merged with PR. World wide freight is hauled by railways for long hauls while roads are used for short deliveries. The twoorganizations have to worktogether and be placed under civilian control. All quasi-military outfits have to be cleansed and put under professional civilian management, it should have been a part of the 18th amendment.PAC has taken the lead now it should probe all such organizations. DR FARID A. MALIK, July 3.