MANDI BAHAUDDIN - Fight between elephants results in damage to grass only is being observed here nowadays and 1.5 million population of the district is paying through the nose for the pen-down strike of the Revenue Department and Registration Department as officials of the department observed strike 7th consecutive day here on Monday. It is to be noted that the MPAs brother Khalid Sahi, reportedly, abused patwaries and manhandled Naib Tehsildar Arif Anjum last week prompting the Revenue Department officials to went strike in protest against the incident. On the DCOs recommendation, the Civil Lines Police registered a case against Sahi and his accomplices on Thursday last. But The Revenue Department officials refused to end the pen-down strike despite launch of FIR and started demanding the arrest of the accused. On the other hand, MPA Tariq Mehmood Sahi launched an application with Commissioner Gujranwala, narrating millions rupees corruption of Naib Tehsildar Arif Anjum and Gardawar Anayat Ali. The battle of elephants is still underway but the district administration played no role to settle the matter and has been performing a role of mere silent spectator. This undue strike of the Revenue and Registration Departments has caused a lot of panic among the masses. Dozens of prisoners despite their bails from competent courts, are bound to remain behind bars as no new Naql Fard (copy of revenue record) is being issued. No transaction of property is being made and the Punjab government is being deprived of lakhs of rupees revenue loss on a daily basis.