LAHORE Pakistan Hockey Federation Secretary Asif Bajwa praised the performance and efforts of the Pakistan team during the European tour. He said that there was a dire need of winning a big event to get back the lost status of the country in the field of hockey. Talking to media here at the National Hockey Stadium on Monday, Secretary PHF Asif Bajwa said that the team was doing their best to get better results during the European tour and the federation was satisfied with the teams performance. Winning the Champions Trophy or Olympics will boost the morale of the team and we can regain the lost glory in hockey which we had 20 years ago, he said. Pakistan team played total seven matches and exhibited brilliant prowess during the European tour. They won the first tournament while in the second event, they played superb hockey except in the match against Holland in which their performance was not up to the mark otherwise they were played very well against all the major teams of the world especially against Germany and England, he added. Bajwa further said that the team faced the worlds best teams and if they learned from their mistakes and amend their weaknesses then they would regain the pasts lost glory which they had a decade earlier.