Dr Yaqoob Bhatti has mentioned the resolutions of the three assemblies against Kalabagh dam. The assembly members have every right to voice their regional concerns but then must leave these to be addressed by competent authority rather than pass resolutions. There are many technical issues involved. Optimum river water storage, presently very low at 9 percent against a world average of 40 percent. Low storage leads to low per capita, per annum availability of water, down from 5000 to 1200 cubic meters, barely above the water-scarce level. Should the people be made to face water scarcity? Should the people be made to face alternate floods and drought? Should minor regional concerns be allowed to stand in the way of major benefits to the 18 crore people? Sindh will get all the benefits of power and water without losing even one acre of land or the displacement of even one person. KP will get the water that otherwise it will never be able to get from any dam on the Indus if there is no right bank canal at Kalabagh dam. KP will lose 3000 acres of land versus 24,500 in Punjab. KP will get 34,500 people displaced versus 48,500 in Punjab. ENGR KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, July 3.