ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court has summoned Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah on a petition filed by Babar Awan. Justice Javed Iqbal heard the case in his chamber in the presence of Babar Awan. Justice Iqbal issued a notice to Rana Sanaullah for his statement and summoned the law minister to his chamber on July 7. Babar Awan on June 20, 2011 had filed a petition in the Supreme Court against Sanaullah, saying his life was in danger. He requested the court to constitute a judicial commission to examine the records and witnesses in order to enforce and protect his rights him under Articles 4 and 9 of the Constitution. Rana Sanaullah talking to the media had stated that Babar Awan was liable to be murdered. Babar stated in the petition that the statement had placed his fundamental right of life in serious jeopardy, adding the law ministers statement, made before the press, could not be taken lightly under any circumstances. He claimed he had learnt that Shahbaz Sharifs government in Punjab was desperate to arrest him on any false charge or pretext and then facilitate such an attack on his life in jail, police station or some katchery premises. He stated passing of an extra-judicial death sentence against him as dangerous particularly keeping in view the trends of extra-judicial killings by the police in the concerned province. Babar Awan submitted if any thing happened to his life, property or family, these persons should be held responsible. He claimed some outlaws at or near Fort Manro (a border area of Punjab and Balochistan) were contacted on the behalf of Punjab govt officials through some gangsters.