ISLAMBAD - After the cancellation of the two passports and other traveling documents, former chairman Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) Tauqir Sadiq would travel with an "Out Pass" issued by the Embassy of Pakistan in UAE, sources told The Nation on Thursday.
Despite the fact that the name of Tauqir was placed on Exit Control List (ECL) since January 25, 2012 the proclaimed offender fled from Pakistan and that million dollar question about his flight from Pakistan would be answered after the extradition of Tauqir Sadiq from Abu Dhabi.
After interrogation the immigration authorities would definitely be summoned and the escape of the fugitive Tauqir Sadiq would be investigated as to how had the accused fled from Pakistan, the sources added.
Similarly, the UAE authorities have handed over Tauqir to Interpol official named Colonel Faisal Al Khalili and the legal documentation between Interpol and UAE Ministry of Interior was underway.
Due to weekend in UAE the further procedure regarding extradition and deportation would start from Sunday and it is expected that these formalities would be accomplished by Tuesday, the sources added.
After completing the legal course of action and documentation, the first available flight bound to Islamabad would bring the fugitive back to the country, the sources added.
Meanwhile, the NAB has planned a foolproof transportation of Tauqir Sadiq from Islamabad airport to its cell situated in sector G-6 and in this connection letters have been served to Inspector General Police (IGP) Islamabad, Deputy Inspector General Rawalpindi and Chief Security In charge Islamabad airport, the sources said. The fugitive would be picked from the runway and transported through Armed Personnel Carrier (APC) vehicle used for important persons safe transportation, the sources said.