KARACHI-Senior PPP leader Senator Raza Rabbani on Friday warned that derailing democracy again would endanger the federation of Pakistan.

Addressing media representatives at the Karachi Press Club (KPC), Rabbani said “PPP has serious differences with the government over some national issues, but the opposition would not allow anyone to derail the democratic system in the country.

Rabbani said a dictatorship does not recognise the core principle of federal democracy, which is ‘unity through diversity’, or the multi-ethnic complexion of our society, and imposes a unitary structure that leads to fragmentation.

"A democratic system encourages dialogue, debate, accommodation, tolerance and confines conflict by providing mechanisms and institutions under the law," the PPP leader said.

According to Rabbani, much damage had already been inflicted to the Constitution, state institutions and laws.

"Corruption, nepotism, sectarianism, lawlessness, crime, drug abuse, economic disparity and economic mismanagement have all made it difficult for the common man to earn his daily living."

"The democratic system in Pakistan may not have come without flaws, it may be sluggish with a smack of bad governance, yet let there be no misconception," Rabbani said, adding that Pakistan must surmount and move forward.

The PPP leader called for Grand National reconciliation among political parties to save democracy.