LAHORE - The injured PAT workers followed the footprints of their leader Dr Tahirul Qadri and refused to record their statements before the judicial tribunal conducting inquiry into the Model Town tragedy.

The inquiry tribunal comprising Justice Ali Baqar Najfi is conducting the inquiry. During the proceedings, the Acting Capital City Police Officer told the judge that all the injured PAT workers had refused to record their statements. He quoted the injured persons at Jinnah Hospital as saying that Dr Qadri had asked them not to record their statements to anyone. Dr Qadri had already boycotted the tribunal proceedings.

Earlier, Jinnah Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr Abdur Rauf told the judge that four injured namely Waqas, Meraj Din, Arsalan and Haroon were not able to appear before the tribunal to record their statements and it is appropriate that their statements should be recorded at the hospital.

At this, the tribunal appointed a Lahore District and Sessions judge as a Local Commissioner under Section 4(d) of The (Punjab) Tribunals of Inquiry Ordinance, 1969 to record their bedside statements and update the tribunal on July 14.

Additional Inspector General Altaf Hussain also submitted the interim report, according to which the inquiry was underway. During the proceedings, when the judge asked him that how long it would take to proceed against the responsible officials/officers, the officer requested the judge to give some time to submit subsequently. The tribunal directed him to submit report on next hearing on July 9.