KARACHI - A mysterious explosion outside a mosque at New Preedy Street on Friday claimed two lives and wounded three others.

According to details, the explosive device planted on a motorcycle blasted near a mosque in the Saddar area of Karachi. The blast took place near Mohajir Makki Masjid in front of Saddar Parking Plaza. The explosion damaged windowpanes of nearby buildings and damaged the vehicles parked in the vicinity.

On receiving information, the law enforcers, rescuers of various welfare organisations and experts of bomb disposal squad rushed to the spot. Police and rangers cordoned off the crime scene. The victims were shifted to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) where doctors pronounced the death of two people and admitted rest of the injured for treatment. Police initially believed it was a motorbike-borne improvised explosive and exploded with the help of a remote control. Investigators revealed the terrorist carrying the explosive device was on his way to some other destination when it exploded because of mishandling.

Additional IG Police Ghulam Qadir Thebo rushed to the spot along with other police high-ups. Talking to reporters, police chief Thebo ruled out the possibility of a suicide or a roadside blast. He opined it the blast occurred when the terrorist was going somewhere else along with the explosive device. He added there wasn’t any evidence that the terrorist wanted to target the mosque.

Eyewitnesses said two motorbikes collided with each other, causing the blast. The bike riders were moving down the road towards Khudadad Colony from Empress Market via New Preedy Street when the incident occurred.

Both the men riding the motorbikes were killed while the attacker was later identified as Abdul Fateh Dahiri from Nawab Shah. The police also raided his house in Paposh Nagar and detained his wife, brother and a minor son. Police investigators said one of the two motorcycles damaged in the explosion was registered in the name of one Muhammad Amir Sultan, a resident of Gulshan-e-Iqbal. District East Police Chief DIG Munir Sheikh said the police were trying to ascertain whether the second man killed in the explosion was an accomplice of the terrorist or he was a passerby.

The bomb disposal squad experts ruled out possibility of a suicide bombing and said it was a motorcycle-borne improvised explosive device (MBIED).

They explained that the device contained at least 4kg explosive material with steel nails.

It is worth mentioning that intelligence agencies had frequently warned of the possible backlash of the North Waziristan operation in the port city by Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan.

City Police Chief Thebo reaffirmed the threats, saying militants can target police, other law-enforcement agencies, military, vital installations, VVIPs or anyone in reaction to the North Waziristan operation. He said the law-enforcement agencies are on high alert and taking all possible preventive measures to avert any possible attack by the terrorists.