LAHORE (PR) - ­All Pakistan Wadpa Hydro Electric Workers Union (CBA) has demanded of PM Nawaz Sharif to take measures to tackle the woes of electricity consumers and workers on war footing basis.

Union’s general secretary Khurshid Ahmad demanded filing up the posts lying vacant for years and providing the staff according to prescribed yardstick to lessen the work of overburdening staff and efficiency of work. He also asked government to arrange electricity material including transformers, conductors, meters, vehicles etc for efficient maintenance of electricity lines and supply of electricity. Khurshid also demanded to provide security to the field staff for detection of pilferage of energy and recovery of its lawful dues. Union also suggested to close commercial centres at 07:00am and divert surplus energy for domestic and industrial consumers. Union’s secretary general also asked government not to privatise the national public utility of electricity, and handover the control of DISCOs, GENCOs, NTDC to WAPDA or PEPCO for efficient monitoring and coordination instead of handing over to private members of BODs. Khurshid urged the government to build hydel power stations in the public sector on war footing basis in order to overcome loadshedding and high cost of production of electricity. “In case, the govt does not resolve these issues in the public interest, the workers would be compelled to launch movement of protest,” he announced.

Meanwhile, veteran trade union leader Khurshid Ahmed, Pakistan Workers Confederation general secretary, Rubeena Jameel and Yousaf Baloch appealed the people, the working class, politicians and members of civil society should demonstrate solidarity with displaced persons and their families of Northern Waziristan by helping them in the holy month of Ramazan and donate liberally.

They commended the sacrifices by the sons of motherland in the North Waziristan. They also demanded to the Prime Minister to wage war against poverty and unemployment, ignorance and irrational inequalities between the rich and poor and establish an egalitarian society to eliminate the seeds of militancy developed from social and economic degradation.