LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minsiter Shahbaz Sharif again made an attempt to remove reservations of Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan in Islamabad and succeeded in convincing him to fly with him to Lahore for a meeting with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

After Ch Nisar Ali Khan went to seclusion on developing differences with the prime minister and some ministers over some vital national issues, the chief minister held second formal meeting with him to listen to his grievances and bring him back to the active politics as well as official business. But he failed in his second attempt though both have been very good friends in the past and on many occasions have been supporting the point of view of each other on the party and the government matters.

The sources say Ch Nisar has certain complaints which would be directly brought to the notice of the prime minister so that misunderstanding on the same could be removed and a mechanism could be drawn for amicable relationship in the future. The sources say the prime minister is due to stay in the city for next two days during which he would also meet Ch Nisar Ali Khan.

Previously, the interior minister could not be persuaded to come back to the business of his ministry during a meeting with about four dozen PML-N legislators who were believed to be his close associates and friends as well. According to reports, Ch Nisar is angry over interference in the affairs of his ministry by a group of cabinet members belonging to Lahore. In addition, his opinion on the issue of the Musharraf case and the North Wazirastan operation failed to get due weight in the decision making. In the military operation, he was totally sidelined.

Ch Nisar has strong loyalty to the PML-N and undiminished level of respect for the prime minister, but he has reservations over the preference the PM was giving to others on the matters concerning his ministry.

The sources say that during the meeting with the prime minister, the differences would be ironed out and, hopefully, Ch Nisar would be back to the normal business of his ministry.