LAHORE - The SNGPL has disconnected 49 industrial and commercial defaulting connections having cumulative gas bills default of over Rs 246 million.

In this respect, 20 consumers of Sheikhupura, 9 consumers of Lahore, 4 consumers of Multan, 1 consumer of Peshawar, 3 consumers of Gujrat, 4 consumers of Gujranwala, 2 consumers of Islamabad, 1 consumer of Sahiwal, 2 consumers of Faislabad, 1 consumer of Bahawalpur, and 2 consumers of Rawalpindi regions were disconnected:

M/S Fast Fill Filling Station (Cng) (Rs 46,438,583), M/S Al Aziz Paper Mills Pvt Ltd (Rs 34,127,409), Gujjar Cng (Rs 20,147,859), Akhwan Chemical Industries (Rs 16,696,348), S-A Fibres (Rs 12,644,972), M/S Muhammad Sadiq (Rs 8,489,968), Super Ceramics Industries (Rs 7,929,523), M/S Motorway Link Service (Rs 3,718,999), M/S Global Fertilizer (Pvt) Ltd. (Rs 2,788,753), M/S Bombay Dying (Rs 297,750), Nazar Muhammad (Rs 2,149,215), Mirza Mohammad Ayub Baig (Rs 1,718,237), Bilal Butt (Rs1,668,558), Muhammad Mushtaq Ahmed (Rs1,507,789), Sheikh Muhammad Saeed (Rs 906,531), Mian Khan (Rs 890,477), Khurshid Alam (Rs 807,304), M Amin Ul Hassan (Rs 658,425), M/S Eastran Cone (Rs 595,815), Mian Brothers (Rs 545,529).

M/S Canal Filling Station Cng (Rs 16,663,430), M/S Newzeland Gas Master (Rs 5,732,955), M/S Al Ziz Enterprises (Rs 3,110,265), Super Steel RR Mills (Rs2,649,491), M/S Afm Pesticides (Rs 2,356,916), M/S Suntech Impex (Rs 496,447), Sh Muhammad Imran (Rs 1,693,713), Mehar Taj Ul Din (Rs 1,176,187), Sajjad Ali (Rs 1,090,710). Shaheen Glass Factory (Rs 10,822,909), M/S Gulistan Textile (Rs 1,331,938), M/S Apallo Textile Mills Ltd (Rs 1,028,307), M/S Gulshan Spinning (Rs 885,615). M/S Petrosin Saudi (Rs 9,275,025). M/S Colony Sugar Mills (Rs7, 564,351), Steel Wire Works (Rs 462,500), M/S Syed Sajjad Foundry (Rs 151,220). Diamond Cng Filling Station (Rs 4,248,959), M/S Bhoon Cng Station (Rs 2,608,557), M/S Zia Aluminium Industry (Rs 319,594), M/S C N G Filling (Rs 124,221). M/S New Modern Steel Mill (Rs 3,186,671), Auranzeb Butt (Rs 695,082). M/S Siddique Cng Station (Rs1,326,334). Crown Sizing Industries (Rs 364,081), Muhammad Yousaf (Rs 521,223). M/S Lodhran Cng Filling (Rs 318,915) and Muhammad Ali (Rs 805,345).