LAHORE: Issues and controversies prevailing between different schools of thoughts and sects could only be solved amicably with the supremacy of law and peaceful dialogues, said Chairman Pakistan Ulema Council Hafiz Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi while talking to visiting delegates of Ulemas and clerics from Sheikhupura and Wazirabad here on Saturday.

He underlined the Blasphemy Act, in reality, was the law to protect innocents and that’s the reason allegations relating blasphemy were proved wrong in Sheikhupura and Wazirabad. “Ulemas and Clerics not only protected Christain community but also foiled all conspiracies of the miscreant elements to create chaos and anarchy in the area,” he added.

Ashrafi also demanded action against the elements that use to employ Blasphemy Act for their vested interests. Minorities living in Pakistan has never voiced against the Act but controversies are being encouraged by all those who want to utilise this act for their personal benefits and advantages, he held. Maulana Ayb, Maulana Abdul Hameed Watto, Maulana Faheem-ul-Hassan Farooqi, Pastor Amaneul Khokhar, Father Bhoru Mangu, Pastor Salim Akhtar, IB Rocki and other notable Ulemas, clerics and pastors were also present on the occasion.–Staff Reporter