Islamabad: Patron Islamabad Chamber of Small Traders Shahid Rasheed Butt today said, army is sacrificing lives for the stability and prosperity of Pakistan. Army action has raised hopes among masses and business community, as peace in the country is more important than energy, forex reserves, trade relaxations, privatization etc., he said.

Speaking to the business community, Shahid Rasheed Butt said that successive governments relied upon tough statements against terrorists, but the COAS Gen. Raheel Shareef is a different man who seriously wants to uproot terrorism, which has shaken the foundations of country besides bringing a bad name to Pakistan.

Uncompromising action ordered by COAS against terrorists and corrupt elements has boosted confidence of masses and business community which will stop brain drain, exodus of industry and flight of capital.

Shaheed Rasheed Butt said that meaningful military operation has improved faith of people, in the capabilities of our armed forces and we admire their sacrifices but those who are advocating talks are deceiving themselves and nation.

Business community and the whole nation stands united with the army at the current juncture, he said.It was a duty of every patriotic Pakistani to raise a voice in favor of the guardians of the country’s ideological and geographical frontiers.

Business community would continue to support armed forces without giving any consideration to negative propaganda, he added.  The so-called intellectuals should learn a lesson from Sri Lanka, which opted for final assault on Tamil Tigers after 30 long years after which its economy is picking up.