Taylor Swift has an “unspoken code” with her female celebrity friends which means they will never turn on each other. The 25-year-old singer has developed an increasingly large circle of female celebrity friends over the years including Jaime King, Hailee Steinfeld, Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid. While groups of women can often be bitchy, Taylor insists there’s no room for such behaviour in her gang.

“They truly mean what they say, and they’re honest,” she told ET Online. “There’s sort of an unspoken code that we’re there for each other and we would never turn on each other. We’re not going to gossip about each other. It’s kind of an alliance that is the best kind of friendship you can have.”

As well as her close knit circle of friends, many of whom appeared in her Bad Blood video, Taylor also relies heavily on her family. She credits her parents Scott and Andrea for raising her the right way and giving her the confidence she’s needed to pursue her dreams.

“I always felt really grateful for the way I was brought up,” she continued. “My parents raised me always telling me that I was smart and special, and so when I didn’t feel pretty or I didn’t feel wanted at school or in social circles, I always still felt smart and special because of my parents.”

While Taylor seems to have it all now, she admits there were times at the start of her career when she doubted

herself. “I don’t feel great when I am fed messages, and I was fed messages as a young girl that it is more important to be edgy and cool than anything else,” she added.

“My life doesn’t gravitate towards being edgy or cool. I’m imaginative, I’m smart and I’m hardworking.”