LAHORE - Former Olympian Khawaja Junaid has said that the purpose of PM’s 5-member committee is to find out facts behind hockey team’s dismal show during the Olympic qualifiers.

Talking to the reporters here at the National Hockey Stadium, Junaid said: “Obviously, the performance of the national team in Olympic qualifiers was disgraceful and such step taken by Prime Minister Mian M Nawaz Sharif was necessary to save the sinking ship of Pakistan hockey.

“Now our target is to find out why the team performance was very pathetic, what were the hurdles due to which Pakistan team didn’t qualify for the Olympics and why team failed in executing its real potential,” he revealed. When asked the committee would take decision on merit and succeed in doing neutral investigation, Junaid replied: “All the decisions will be taken on merit. If we are trusted by the prime minister and the entire nation, we will certainly try our best to take decisions in the larger interest and betterment of Pakistan hockey.”

To a query regarding hockey federation revamp, the ex-Olympian said: “We need change for the sake of reformation not for the sake of just change. Those who are working well and sincerely, they will continue their work. We have to find out where the real problem lies and have to sort it out.”

Lamenting on having very short pool of players, Junaid said: “We have just 20 players pool and we have been utilizing and relying just on them. There is a dire need to unearth fresh and promising talent which may fill the void, as it is the only way to get better results.”

To another query regarding financial constraints behind team’s dismal show, Junaid replied: “Although the PHF and players had been facing financial problems and had to face tough times, yet once the players are in battle field, no such issues matter, only one thing is in our mind to just fight for the dignity of the country and help the team in earning crucial victories. So when the players are in the field, they have to deliver at any cost.”