It can be easy to be a follower but very tough to be followed by others. Many people will agree to this but they will not go beyond to even think over it that what makes it so difficult to be followed by others this is the thing which differentiates a leader from others.

Leadership in corporate world can be defined as an art of lifting a person’s vision beyond the normal limits. Anybody could claim to be a leader but a leader is one who is being inspired by others not by pressure or force but through the personality which automatically forces others to follow. Moreover a true leader always keeps a room for improvements while believing in just not changing others but also own self in a positive way. In short one can say that flexibility is an important trait of leaders.

Corporate world is stricter from our world. It is more organised, has rules and laws which one must and should obey. Leadership is not a rank but a responsibility to lift subordinate’s vision to higher sights. It is actually building subordinate’s personality beyond normal limits. In corporate world, a leader should set strict principles, standards and respect for others’ work in order to be in business and successful executor.

Leadership in corporate world is not easy in order to be followed by others. It is very important that you have something worth following for, or something which is being praised by others; only then you’ll be able to lead your subordinates otherwise they will think of you as a fool - the one who demands perfection with imperfections.

Corporate leadership involves complex set of issues as there are many forms of leadership and the one which is effective for one unit/team may be not as effective for other, so conflict can arise. But flexibility is one of the most important traits of leadership. Leaders must show enough flexibility where it is required.

Leaders in corporate world should also understand the power of collective efforts and should focus on encouraging equal opportunity, eliminating discrimination. Moreover, corporate leadership is also allowing your subordinates to work in a stress-free environment to get positive results and to know who is honestly working for you and who is not. It is easy to get things done under pressure but you’ll be not able to know the true feelings of your subordinates and may be they will leave you at time on which you need them the most.

Providing them a stress-free environment will help in identifying who is doing well and who is truly putting efforts. That doesn’t mean subordinates should be given absolute freedom in official affairs, as in order to get things done some pressure is also required, but giving them a freehand in the start will filter out those who value corporate time and spending in real terms.

Corporate leadership is at its best when it involves motivation to encourage subordinates, information sharing in order to build trust, giving subordinates time and resources to flourish, giving positive feedback and quick response to all queries, involving every subordinate and understanding the power of majority, and also by providing open house conversation. As this is the information age and competition has become a worldwide phenomenon, new forms of leadership are beginning to emerge and take hold, no matter what style leadership involves. Its output should be positive for the corporate organisation. It should addresses concerns both at the corporate and individual level and offers solutions that can result in increased business opportunities, personal and professional satisfaction for employees and innovation leading to growth for the corporate bottomline.

n The writer is a student of University of Central Punjab.