S: It seems that violence has become the only option for the police to claim authority. I heard that two boys were beaten up by ten traffic wardens, only because they were not wearing a seat belt. After that, they were arrested and taken to jail. It’s amusing, how far our so called protectors, that also make sure we abide by the law, have no qualms of moulding it to their advantage.

A: I read that both of them were rude and violent to the warden that came to fine them for not wearing seat belts. But yes, it was a little extreme for him to call on nine other men to set them straight. Maybe Ramazan was really getting to him.

S: Did you see the physique of those two boys? It’s highly unlikely that they could pose a great threat to a trained police officer. I mean, really? Is that the story that the media wants to portray? It was all politically motivated I believe. If they were Imran Khan’s nephews, I can name about hundred people who would have liked to make sure, that somehow his image was tarnished in the media. I will probably never be caught chanting along with almost half of our female population at his jalsas, but this lack of accountably by law enforcement is ridiculous.

A: May be they have forsaken what it means to be a defender of the law. God knows, all of us seem to be falling through the cracks regarding it. I blame this ridiculously hot weather. One could really lose all sense of logic and awareness.

S: When it is a matter of right and wrong, Ramazan or the weather should have nothing to do with it.