No leniency or slackness will be tolerated in the elimination of crime as it is the bounden duty of the Police to protect the life and honour of the common man. Each and every policeman is committed to bringing about peace in the society and for the purpose the policemen are always ready to render any sacrifice to come up the expectations the nation attaches to them.

Kasur DPO Rai Babar Saeed reiterated the pledge while addressing a ceremony held to return booty recovered from criminal gangs busted by the police at Changa Manga Rest House the other day.

The booty worth more than Rs3 included gold ornament, cellphones, bikes and a car were returned to their owners.

On the occasion, DPO Kasur Rai Babar Saeed pledged that better strategy chalked out for the elimination of crime and effective patrolling were bearing fruit, adding that a visible decrease in crime ratio had been observed in the district.

Giving details about the dacoits gangs busted by the police, the DPO informed that the Chunian Saddr Police had arrested 10 members of three notorious gangs of dacoits namely Mushtaq alias Mushtaqi gang, Riaz alias Riaju gang and Iftikhar alias Khari gang.

Explaining the modus operandi of the criminals, Mr Saeed pointed out that Riaz alias Riaju gang had been active in Chunian, Allahabad, Changa Manga and surroundings where they used to carry out reconnaissance of well-off families during daytime and then loot selected houses during nights. Whereas Mushtaq alias Mushtaqi gang had been involved in snatching motorcycles, cash and cellphones by blocking roads to and from Chunian, he added.

Collectively the police recovered Rs1.8 million cash, a car, 10 tolas of gold ornaments, two laptops, four motorcycles and 13 cellphones from the members of these notorious gangs which were returned to their owners.

In the end of the ceremony, the DPO distributed cash awards among police officers and jawans in recognition of their outstanding performance.

Meanwhile, social and political circles of the district lauded the performance of the police and stressed that the police should take more effective steps to ensure peace and order in the district.