The word ‘Pakistan’ means a land which is pure. But unfortunately, this land is getting impure day by day due to the people who are involved in the governance and accountability of our country. All the sectors like health, education and law and order are losing their worth in Pakistan because of the high rate of political, legal and economic instability. In the education sector we are lacking behind from other nations, as it should be the main idea to focus on it. Schools in Punjab and Sindh are in their worse condition.  

According to one report in 2015, In Sindh 60% schools in the province remain there, without drinking water facility, 40% without electricity, and 35% without any boundary walls. In Islamabad 12,000 children are estimated to be out-of-school. And in Punjab the situation is almost same in govt. schools where quality of education is not good, teachers are not much qualified, they are recruited through unfair means, through strong references they got hired and due to which children suffer because they don’t get what they deserve. According to a report, 2.5 crore children are out of school in Pakistan and most of the students who have facility of going to school they only get education till primary level. Government should take radical steps to overcome this situation, should take serious actions for the good governance and accountability and should make such effective and powerful policies through which they can provide better and quality education in both rural and urban areas of the country, to build a pure, strong and educated nation. 


Faisalabad, July 4.