KARACHI - Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Wednesday said that judiciary was not involved in the construction of dams anywhere in the world as it was the responsibility of the government.

Addressing a press conference at Zardari House in Nawabshah and talking to party supporters on Wednesday, Bilawal said, “The construction of dams is the responsibility of governments. How judiciary can call for construction of any dam, such precedent does not exist anywhere worldwide.”

Bilawal continued his country-wide election campaign on Wednesday for the third consecutive day and addressed the party activists and supporters- who gathered in large numbers- at seven different locations across the province.

The PPP chairman, was accompanied by party candidates of the respective constituencies during his visit to Sakrand, Moro, Naushero Feroz, Ranipur, Pir Jo Goth and Khairpur. His journey culminated at Sukkur.

Bilawal said, “The party which proposed the construction of Kalabagh dam pointed out in a report that it may not be beneficial but we should have a consensus on it.” However, the PPP chairman upheld, “No judiciary in the world has ever been involved in the construction of a dam.”The PPP chairman stressed that the water crisis was one of the biggest crises the country was currently facing.

He admitted that country was facing water issues. Bilawal said that PPP was the only party that constructed RO plants on large scale to overcome shortage to an extent.

Bilawal said that the PPP had always opposed the Kalabagh dam and three provincial assemblies passed resolution against it. Bilawal said he was overwhelmed by the love and support people were giving to him and waiting for him till late in the nights to welcome the son of Benazir Bhutto.

Bilawal further stressed that the nation wanted a democratic government, adding that those who had failed to make their manifestos public wanted the elections to be delayed but there was no room for late elections.

“The nation wants a democratic government rather than a puppet state,” he said.

Bilawal said PML-N is talking of election boycott due to fear of being defeated but PPP would not boycott polls.

Speaking on call of boycott from one faction of MQM led by its founder Altaf Hussain, Bilawal said that it was only aimed at running from the elections due to the fear of being defeated.

Once again referring to the puppet coalition - Grand Democratic Alliance - Bilawal said such alliances could never harm PPP and the people had rejected them even from their stronghold in Sanghar.

He said that certain elements were trying to delay the polls but it was necessary to hold polls on time in order to ensure stability.

Later, addressing a large crowd at Sakrand, the PPP chairman said that the people of Sakrand had fought against the dictatorial rules of Zia and General Musharraf and the puppet coalition against them was nothing in front of the struggle against dictators.

“Such coalitions can be defeated by people of Sakrand in 10 minutes,” Bilawal said. The candidates for national and provincial assembly seats of the area were with him.

He said it was PPP that had given the manifesto while on the other hand neither the puppet coalition nor Nawaz-League and Taliban Khan (Imran Khan) had announced their party manifesto.

“How could they resolve the issues when they are yet to present their manifestos,” he said. Earlier later on Wednesday night while addressing a charged crowd at Sanghar, which is considered stronghold of Pakistan Muslim League-Functional, the PPP chairman said that even the PPP founder ZA Bhutto was attacked in Sanghar during his first visit but it was the sacrifices of the people here that led him to address a large number of PPP crowd in the area. “Functional League has not given even a programme or any hospital to Sanghar but the PPP has given them road infrastructure, Achro Thar water pipeline and other uplift projects,” he said.