The response to my previous two communications on KBD (Self Help Basis) has been rather overwhelming and it gives me immense pleasure to say that most of the response is from knowledgeable men of eminence, intellectuals and responsible persons whose opinions matter and are mostly sought and greatly valued. 

As it is not possible for me the reply to all of them individually, hence this joint response. 

While the majority of them has supported the idea and enthusiastically too, a few have raised some pertinent points, such as: 

Technical studies for the future practicability of KBD be undertaken as it is feared that by the year 2025 due to the global environmental changes and melting of the glaciers coupled with the nefarious designs of India towards the rivers flowing through IHK, there might not be enough water for the KBD to store. 

Views of KP & Sindh on KBD are well known to all. Experts should, therefore, for and against the project, be invited to explain in depth the pros and cons, so that a well thought out and calculated decision is made ? 

Approval of the provincial assemblies of KP, Sindh and Baluchistan be obtained before the start of the project as they have passed bills against the KBD. 

Necessary permission and approval of the Govt. to make the public a stake holder in the KBD should also be obtained before starting the project. 

One says, “While all the points are right. Just wondering how it would be kicked-off. Anyone credible enough to give the call?” 

Another says, “Willing to contribute up to 1 million if I am satisfied that this money will be used for Kalabagh dam.” 

One suggests , “In case the KBD (SHB) is to be abandoned, for any reason, the concept of SHB (Self Help Basis) could be applied to some alternate site(s) as well.” 

In view of the above and the dreadful anticipated scarcity of water in Pakistan, this issue has to be tackled the soonest possible. Time is running out fast. 

The following are, therefore,  

suggested :- 

A Central Executive Committee (CEC) of at least 7 members be formed for KBD(SHB), for which volunteers are solicited. 


All are, therefore, requested not to be unduly and un-necessarily modest and if anyone thinks he/she can contribute to this national cause, kindly do volunteer. 

Alternately, they can use their good offices in suggesting and pursuing someone known to them to volunteer who is suitable for the task. 

The CEC shall be tasked with the selection and formulation of various other Committees and Sub Committees etc. as required. 

The CEC will deliberate and decide upon the future Course of Action and how to move about it. For example : 

Should it take upon itself the actual construction of the Dam, which would, to my mind, tantamount to “Reinventing the Wheel”. 

But if it has to be done then why not do it with full gusto and determination? 

Or, should it confine its activity to the mobilizing of the public opinion, doing the fund raising, assisting and enforcing the govt. to complete the project at the earliest etc. 

I have a modest office with clerical staff that could serve as the start up secretariat office, for the time being. 

If the CEC would approve, I could offer my service gratis as the Secretary to the CEC. 

Ladies & Gentlemen: Let’s create history by constructing the dam(s) on the SHB and show it to the world the Pakistanis can rise to any occasion and do even the IMPOSSIBLE. 


Rawalpindi, June 14.